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Vip System

Vip System

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• What is vip coin how to buy?
- When we stay on the server for the time set in the config, you earn vip coins as much as the amount set in the config.
- Server owners can give coins to players.

• What can be done with VIP coin?
- With VIP coin, you can rent a car, buy a vehicle, buy items, buy packages and buy money.

• How does car rental work?
- The vehicles you rent are automatically placed in your garage.
- Vehicles are automatically deleted from the garage after the time specified in the config (default 14 days)..

• How does buying a vehicle work?
- Vehicles you buy with VIP coins are automatically placed in your garage. These vehicles remain in your garage unlimitedly.

• How does receiving items work?
- You can review the special item you want and buy it with vip coins if you like it. This item will remain in your inventory.

• What is the case opening system?
- It has 3 animated case opening animations by default and has Counter Strike-like case opening system.
- You can create an unlimited number of containers!
- The prizes that can be found in the boxes;
- Items
- Coin
- Cars, Boats, Helicopters
- There is a rare reward system. (common, rare, epic, unique, legendary)
You can completely control the properties with the config. Editing the configuration is easy!
You can give them coins in certain periods and have them open safes during the player’s stay in the game in November.
You can add your Tebex store and your link.

• How does buying money work?
- You can buy the coins determined from the configuration with vip coins. These coins are permanent.

• What is a special promotional package?
- You can buy the promotional packages determined in the config with vip coins. These packages contain cars and money, vehicles go to your garage and are not deleted from your garage.

- (ESX, QBCORE) version

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Frequently Asked Questions

After how long will I receive the product after purchasing it?

You will receive the purchased product immediately after payment. A page will appear to download the product and it will be sent to you via E-Mail (check in Spam if you don't find it).

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How do I install the resource I just purchased?

We have answered this question in our Tutorial section. Read how to install resources in your FiveM Server

What if I have problems with a product?

If you experience any problems with the product you purchased, please contact us on Discord or via E-Mail so we can try to help you in solving the problem.

Is this One-Time-Payment or Subscriptions?

All our products are one time payment, you will not be charged monthly.

Are the products encrypted and not editable?

No, all the products are not encrypted so you can modify them to your liking!


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