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  • It contains a queue system (which means the player can start multiple craftings and simply wait near the blip marker until que queue is finished); 
  • You can add infinite items to a crafting table; 
  • An item can have infinite required components; 
  • When a player is crafting an item and leaves the crafting radius, the countdown timer will stop until he gets back in; 
  • Multiple checks have been made to prevent cheaters from getting items; 
  • It contains Discord logs such as (when a player starts to craft an item, when finishes the craft, when dies while crafting and when a cheater tries to call an event); 
  • When a player dies, all the components of the items that were in the crafting queue get back to his inventory; 
  • You can’t access the crafting menu while inside a vehicle.
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We have answered this question in our Tutorial section. Read how to install resources in your FiveM Server

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Is this One-Time-Payment or Subscriptions?

All our products are one time payment, you will not be charged monthly.

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No, all the products are not encrypted so you can modify them to your liking!


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